North Leeds Lawn Mowing, Landscape Gardening, Hedge Trimming and Pressure Washing

Leeds Hedge Trimming Bramhope

At Leeds Lawns and Hedges we offer a range of Hedge Trimming services, from one off hedge reduction and pruning, to regular maintenance. We only undertake larger hedge reduction from October through to February to avoid disturbing nesting birds however lighter pruning and shaping work can be done year round. We generally recommend Hedge Trimming work be performed on an annual basis however some customers do prefer to have a monthly trim to ensure a beautifully neat hedge year round.

With North Leeds Hedge Trimming starting from just £10 we are happy to quote for work of all shapes and sizes. We’ll look to book in a suitable time to view the hedge, discuss your needs and offer a free, no obligation quote. We generally work in Bramhope, Adel, Pool-In-Wharfedale, Otley and the surrounding areas however we do work throughout North Leeds and further depending on the job.